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Certificate of Origin and Invoice Services

Certificate of Origin is a document proving the country of origin of the goods traded internationally. These certificates are issued by exporters or their legal representatives. When exporting to Arabic countries or some of the African countries, Certificate of Origin must be attested by the exporting company’s local Chamber of Industry and Commerce as well as the consulate offices of the importing country. Attestation procedures require attestation of the invoice of the goods together with the certificate of origin.

We provide consultancy services for these attestation services and we carry out all transactions on behalf of our customers in a fast, safe and cost-efficient way.


Translation of personal and commercial documents and attestation thereof at consulate offices of Arabic Countries

Companies consulting us may need to translate and have attested their commercial documents such as activity report and power of attorney as well as personal documents such as diplomas or marriage certificates. We do not provide services for only commercial documents but also personal documents submitted by the companies.


Consultancy On Attestation Procedures

We provide consultancy services for our customers regarding any transactions before consulate offices of the countries to which our customers export goods, customs transactions and issuance and attestation of the documents they have to submit. Thus, we allow our customers to complete their transactions as fast as possible, without experiencing any problems or encountering any mistakes.


Notarized translation and apostille services in all languages primarily Arabic, Turkish and English

In order to have a translation notarized, said translation must be made by a certified translator. Documents such as criminal records, military service documents, certificate of residence, identity register copies, identity cards, payrolls, marriage licenses, title deeds, vehicle licenses, power or attorney, commercial invoices, contracts and passports must be translated by a certified translator.

Apostille is a document certification system which allows the authenticity of a document to be attested and allows the document to be formally used in another country. We provide notarized translation services for your documents to be translated and apostilled in all languages, primarily Arabic, Turkish and English.


Istanbul Governorate, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of External Affairs and Ankara Embassy attestation and certification services

We have your documents attested before Istanbul Governorate, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of External Affairs and Ankara Embassy on your behalf.


Services for establishing companies in Turkey and in Arabic Countries

We provide consultancy regarding procedures for establishing a company and opening branches in Arabic countries. We carry out all necessary transactions for our customers in a fast, safe and cost-efficient way.


Visa Services

We provide consultancy to companies and individuals regarding visa procedures and necessary documents before consulates of all countries, primarily the Arabic countries. We carry out all translation and attestation procedures which may be necessary for visa process on behalf of our customers.


Courier and Postal Services for Documents

We send the attested documents as well as the receipts for the documents to the company address or any other address which may be requested by the companies via courier. Thus, we ensure that the documents are delivered to the companies in the fastest and safest way and the company’s transactions are completed as soon as possible.


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